Welcome to the Niagara Frontier Region

The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is the largest organization devoted to the development, promotion, and enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading. The NMRA was founded in 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in order to provide a service to the hobby of model railroading.

The Niagara Frontier Region (NFR) is one of 17 regions of the NMRA. The NFR has members on both sides of the Canada/United States border. In Canada the region serves the Province of Ontario (Except the area west of Thunder Bay). In the United States the NFR serves parts of Western New York State and a strip of Pennsylvania (from Erie, PA north along the New York State Border). The Region is further divided into 8 divisions to better serve the local membership.

Why Join the NFR-NMRA?

Fellowship: Members at all levels of the NMRA are eager to share their knowledge and friendship in local divisions, regions and on the national level.

Member Services: Being a member of the NMRA entitles you to a multitude of services, all geared toward expanding your enjoyment of the hobby.

Standards: The NMRA was the organization that set those Standards and Recommended Practices which still guide manufacturers and consumers alike.

Achievement Program: The NMRA’s Achievement Program,or “AP”, is designed to help modelers improve their skills and get more out of their hobby. The “AP” gives recognition to members who have displayed a high degree of skill or service to the hobby.